Awarded as Advance Best Vendor

August 21, 2019, Advance Auto Parts, the top auto parts retailer in USA, held its Asia Vendors Conference in Shanghai, China. Dr. Zhang Zewei (Jim Zhang), Chairman & CEO of Friction One, was invited to attend this conference.

At the award ceremony, Friction One stood out among hundreds of well-known auto parts manufacturers and won the “Best C-TPAT Award of the Year” on that very day.

Mr.Tom Greco, global CEO of ADVANCE, presented Dr. Zhang Zewei the awards and congratulations in person, and had dinner at the same table and thanked Friction One for its outstanding contributions in product innovation, JIT, cost reduction and high-end quality during the rapid development of ADVANCE. As a young enterprise, Friction One is flattered to receive the “Best C-TPAT Award of the Year” from ADVANCE Top Management Team! This is the result of the hard work of all employees of Friction One! It is the honor of all colleagues in the company!

Since Establishment and over the past 15 years, Friction One has always abided by the philosophy of “technological innovation, quality first and customer first” and Tongrentang’s traditional concept, and adhered to the spirit of artisans in Germany and Japan. Each brake pad is strictly made through twenty-eight procedures and passes nearly hundred of quality inspection from raw material selection to final products. This award cannot be achieved without the hard work of every employee of the company. Thanks all the staff and their family for their hard work day and night! Thanks all domestic and international customers for their trust and support! To achieve our goal of “JIT, High quality, Good price and service” and create brighter future, we will continue to uphold the concept of "Innovation, Cooperation, Integrity, and Win-win", actively cooperate with our customers to expand their business, always keep in mind the business philosophy of “Quality First, Customer First” and turn customers recognition and satisfaction into driving force. This is also the reason why Friction One has won so many big awards home and abroad and its products are well received by customers domestically and internationally. 

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